Loop Net Inc (Loop) price: $14.80

Loop Net Inc (Loop) is a great stock to buy at current prices. The stock price of Loopnet has come down below $15 from a high of above $25 less than half a year ago. This company is a great deal at this stock price. It still has strong financials, and I expect its stock price to come back up in the next quarter. As soon as the housing crisis settles down, so will the stock market, and companies like loopnet will see their stock prices come back to their previous highs. I expect loopnet to be back to the $25 to $30 range within one year. So buy this stock, and if you already own it just hold on and we could see the loopnet stock price maybe even double to around $30 within one year.

-Buy loopnet (loop) below $15.00


Atlas The Dog said...

LOOP is 100% commercial real estate listing service, so residential house market issues don't really apply, but nonetheless, general uncertainty about anything "real estate" probably has had some affect on LOOP. I agree, company financials and growth remain sound; just wish LOOP would get same favorable treatment in stock market that its rival CSGP gets. CSGP has poorer financial performance, but gets better market valuation ratios. Not sure why that is?

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