Central Fund of Canada (CEF): price: $14.80

To put it simply, the government keeps printing money. What does more money lead to? Inflation. Although some thing our current recession will be deflationary, from my studies I have come to believe that the amount of money being printed will definately lead to inflation. Another thing to consider is the possibillity of a run on the dollar. Out financial system is teetering on the edge of disaster, and the government is simply trying to reinflate an exploding bubble; it won't work.

So the question is, how to make money off of inflation. All though there are many routes my favorite hedge on the dollar is gold. In addition to inflation, many believe that we are currently in a gold bull market based on the economic cycles.

My favorite gold play right now is Central Fund of Canada (CEF). Unlike riskier mining stocks it basically just holds large amounts of gold and silver, and its stock price is based off of that. So when the price of gold goes up, its price goes up.

-Buy CEF below $15.00


Loop Net Inc (Loop) price: $14.80

Loop Net Inc (Loop) is a great stock to buy at current prices. The stock price of Loopnet has come down below $15 from a high of above $25 less than half a year ago. This company is a great deal at this stock price. It still has strong financials, and I expect its stock price to come back up in the next quarter. As soon as the housing crisis settles down, so will the stock market, and companies like loopnet will see their stock prices come back to their previous highs. I expect loopnet to be back to the $25 to $30 range within one year. So buy this stock, and if you already own it just hold on and we could see the loopnet stock price maybe even double to around $30 within one year.

-Buy loopnet (loop) below $15.00

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Jones Soda (JSDA) price: $7.65

I am still very bullish on Jones Soda (JSDA). This company is still below $8.00 and is extremely undervalued considering that it was above $30.00 less than a year ago. I expect Jones Soda's sales to be higher than expected after the holiday season, and that the stock price will also come back up. I was at Target the other day, and I was really excited when I saw all the great Jones Soda products that they were selling. They had Christmas themed four packs of soda with flavors like candy cane and gingerbread. I expect this stock to do very well in the next year and to come back to its former highs.

-buy Jones Soda below $8.00

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Cameco Corp (CCJ) price: $36.18

Cameco Corp (CCJ) is a Canadian Uranium mining company. With rising demands for energy, I have been very bullish on Uranium for a while now. This stock was above $55 less than 3 months ago and now it is at $36.18, even though not much has happened to the company. I think that Cameco's stock price is highly undervalued.I excpect the stock price to come back up, and with energy costs on the rise, Uranium mining companies can expect big gains in the future.

-Buy Cameco below $37.00


The Flower Foods Inc (FLO) price: $23.98

Flower Foods Inc (Flo), is a solid growth oriented stock with good financials. Many of the other recommendations made were very high risk/ reward, however this stock can be a low risk, recession minded play, to add to your portfolio. This bread making company has shown solid growth and will do very well in recession.

-buy flower foods below $24.00