Loop Net Inc (Loop) price: $14.80

Loop Net Inc (Loop) is a great stock to buy at current prices. The stock price of Loopnet has come down below $15 from a high of above $25 less than half a year ago. This company is a great deal at this stock price. It still has strong financials, and I expect its stock price to come back up in the next quarter. As soon as the housing crisis settles down, so will the stock market, and companies like loopnet will see their stock prices come back to their previous highs. I expect loopnet to be back to the $25 to $30 range within one year. So buy this stock, and if you already own it just hold on and we could see the loopnet stock price maybe even double to around $30 within one year.

-Buy loopnet (loop) below $15.00

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Jones Soda (JSDA) price: $7.65

I am still very bullish on Jones Soda (JSDA). This company is still below $8.00 and is extremely undervalued considering that it was above $30.00 less than a year ago. I expect Jones Soda's sales to be higher than expected after the holiday season, and that the stock price will also come back up. I was at Target the other day, and I was really excited when I saw all the great Jones Soda products that they were selling. They had Christmas themed four packs of soda with flavors like candy cane and gingerbread. I expect this stock to do very well in the next year and to come back to its former highs.

-buy Jones Soda below $8.00

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Cameco Corp (CCJ) price: $36.18

Cameco Corp (CCJ) is a Canadian Uranium mining company. With rising demands for energy, I have been very bullish on Uranium for a while now. This stock was above $55 less than 3 months ago and now it is at $36.18, even though not much has happened to the company. I think that Cameco's stock price is highly undervalued.I excpect the stock price to come back up, and with energy costs on the rise, Uranium mining companies can expect big gains in the future.

-Buy Cameco below $37.00


The Flower Foods Inc (FLO) price: $23.98

Flower Foods Inc (Flo), is a solid growth oriented stock with good financials. Many of the other recommendations made were very high risk/ reward, however this stock can be a low risk, recession minded play, to add to your portfolio. This bread making company has shown solid growth and will do very well in recession.

-buy flower foods below $24.00

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Denison Mines (DNN) price:$9.49

As the uranium industry becomes stronger and stronger many companies are benefitting. The rising prices of uranium have resulted in a flood of small uranium explorer/ producers. Yet in reality most of these companies will never mine or sell any uranium. After researching and valuating a plethora of uranium producers I have concluded that Denison Mines is one of the best Uranium investments for the future.Denison Mines Corp. is a relatively small uranium producer. It currently has 5 uranium projects underway in North America and expects to produce 5 million pounds of uranium by the year 2010. It is different from the vast majority of Uranium producers in that it is actually mining and selling uranium. Denison Mines stock price has recently been on the rise because of rising uranium prices. As uranium prices keep rising this companies stock price will keep rising too. Denison Mines has the potential to become a major uranium producer.

-Buy Denison Mines below $10.00

Jones Soda (JSDA) price: $6.30

Jones soda (JSDA) is currently a very under valued stock and a great deal. In april of this year it was above $30 dollars and now it is below $7. Nothing radical has changed with this company and it is still growing with new distribution deals. It has been knocked down by a few dissapointing quarters, but I believe this stock will make great gains in the next few years. I believe Jones Soda is a great long term investment, and if it gets back up to its previous high (which I do expect will eventually happen), this stock could make you more than 400% !

-Buy Jones Soda below $7.00



Interdigital Inc. (IDCCD) produces wireless technology and product platforms for semiconductor companies and mobile device manufacturers. Interdigital inc is a very profitable company and this tech stock has tons of growth potential. Management believes in the future of Interdigital Inc. and has bought back a large number of shares. I see interdigital inc. as a long term investment and at its current price it is a very good buy.

-buy Interdigital Inc. below $30.80



Northgate Minerals Corporation (NXG) is a gold and copper producer based in Canada. Because of the weakening dollar and rising inflation, gold is a very good investment for the future. Northgate's small size and good financials give this company very good growth potential. Over the next few years I expect Northgate to perform very well. In recent times Northgate's stock price has remained very undervalued at around $3 - $4. As this company continues to grow the stock price can easily double or triple.

-buy Northgate Minerals Corporations below $3.30



COMPANHIA SANEA ADS (sbs) provides public water and sewage services for residential, commercial, industrial and government customers in the City of Sao Paulo, Brasil. As in the case of many south american developing countries, water and sewage services are in high demand. As cities grow more and more people need water and more sewage systems are needed. SBS is making its fortune supplying these services. The stock price of this company is relatively undervalued and it is a good time to buy. Another pro of SBS is that it pays a dividend. SBS services will always be needed and this company will grow with the developing nations of South America. This growth stock is a definate buy at current prices.

-buy SBS at $45.28


DIAGEO PLC ADS NEW (DEO) price:$82.86

Diageo is a leader in the premium drinks business, selling high end spirits, wine, and beer. I really like this company because it has high growth potential, and will be able to handle any economic downturns or struggles. This is because Diageo bottles its own alcohol, and no matter what happens to the economy people will always be drinking alcohol. The drinks that Diageo sell appeal to a growing market of baby boomers. Diageo is also expanding its business to china, and currently owns about 34% of the whiskey market share in China. This company has strong cash flow which will allow it to make many aquisitions in the future, leading to a lot more growth. As long as sales of alcohol stay strong, Diageo will have many growth oppurtunities to expand its business. People always say "buy what you know" and if you like alcohol (which pretty much everyone does) and like the products that Diageo is selling, then I would say to definately buy this stock. The stock price fell a few points in last couple of days, Diageo stock is currently at a very good price.

-Buy Diageo below $83.00


Ebook recommendation for beginner and intermediate investors

I have finally found a very valuable ebook to help beginner and intermediate investors invest inteligently in the stock market. What I like about this ebook is that it puts everything in lay-man's terms, so that anyone can understand it and gain valuable information. Many years ago when I began my investing carreer I tried reading stock investing books, but I found them very overwhelming and confusing. This great book can help ANYONE become an intelligent investor. So, if you are a begginer or intermediate investor, this is a very valuable recource for you. A lot of people make very STUPID (and obvious) mistakes when they begin their investing carreers, and stop investing because they lost some money. This ebook can help you learn how to identify stock picks and more importantly, learn when to buy and sell the stocks. I see this as a very common mistake that beginner investors make, buying and selling at the wrong times. So... the real reason this ebook is so valuable is because it will help you to adequately use Todd's Stock Picks, by knowing when to buy and sell my stocks.

so check it out, I would definately reccomend this ebook to anyone that is striving to increase their profits in the stock market.

Intelligent Investing Ebook

*this ebook is a little on the pricy side, but their is a 60 day money back gurantee. So if you read it and don't learn anything... return it and get all your money back.

-if you still think this book is too pricey(I don't think so, you'll probably make a lot more than $40 after becoming a more intelligent investor) then check out some Amazon books(To make good returns in the market reading up on investing is extremely important, i have read tons of books to get to where i am now)



Helix Energy Solutions is a very undervalued oil drilling company. This company has historically beaten analyst estimates and had great EPS growth rates. This company is also highly insider owned. Management currently owns 7% of the outstanding shares, this shows that they really believe in the future of Helix. The CEO recently estimated 25% growth over the next three years. Helix Energy solutions is an undervalued, solid oil company with lots of growth potential. The ownly major risk I see with this company is a drop in oil prices.

-buy Helix Energy Solutions below $39.00


Sonic Corp. (SONC) price: $24.14

Sonic Corp. operates a chain of drive in restaurants. This company is quickly becoming a leader in the drive in restaurant industry. Great food and drinks have allowed this company to greatly expand an become very popular. Yet Sonic still has a lot of room to grow. This restauarant chain's restaurants are primarily located in the southern parts of the US. This means that Sonic still has lots of room to grow. I live in Los Angeles and there are no Sonic restaurants anywhere to close to where I live. If sonic restaurants are still scarce in and around big cities like LA, this means that this chain still has extreme growth potential. Strong financials, extreme growth potential, and good food will propel Sonic Corp. to new heights. In the last 5 years this company has seen steady growth, and I think Sonic will greatly outperform the S&P 500 within the next few years.

-buy sonic below $24.15


LIFETIME BRANDS, INC. (LCUT) price: $21.17

Lifetime brands inc. is the marketer of a broad range of consumer products used in the home. Its five main products are Kitchenware, Tabletop, Cutlery and Cutting Boards, Bakeware and Pantryware and Spices. Kitchenware markets its products under a few brand names including Pfaltzgraff, KitchenAid, Farberware, Cuisinart, Sabatier, Calvin Klein and Hoffritz. In the third quarter the company saw top line growth of 50.3%. But the stock price has been beaten down because of a few aquisitions that are not doing very well. This company has very strong financials and dominates its industry. The stock price is down almost 22% this year, but it will come back. This solid company is very undervalued because of its acquisitions. I see the stock price recovering at least 20% within the next year. LCUT is at its low and it is the optimal time to buy this stock.

-buy Lifetime brands inc below $21.50



OYO Geospace Corporation is a leader in the seismic instrument and equipment business. OYO designs, manufactures and deploys seismic instrumentation, reservoir monitoring, cable/umbilical and thermal imaging solutions through four companies: Geospace Technologies, Geospace Engineering Resources International, Geospace offshore, and OYO instruments. OYO basically helps oil and gas companies find oil and gas deposits. High fuel prices are here to stay and oil and gas are becoming very hard to find. In the future, petroleum companies will find it ever harder to find the amounts of oil and gas deposits that they need. OYO helps these companies find new fuel deposits to supply their needs. This industry is growing at a rapid pace and so is OYO. OYO is a huge growth potential stock. OYO's innovative technology has made it a leader in this industry and it will see huge growth in upcomming years.

-buy OYO GEOSPACE CORPORATION at around $76.00

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Dolby Laboratories develops and manufactures products, technologies and services engaged in the digital sound industry. Dolby recently put out a great quarter with 1st quarter revenues rising 15%. A surge in net income resulted from improvements in margins, and higher interest income. Dolby recently made an aquisition of BrightSide Technologies for 28 million. This will allow Dolby to further grow and diversify its business. New and innovative technology has made Dolby the leader in its field. This company is bound to grow manifold in the future.

-Buy Dolby Labratories below $ 34.00



Inventiv Health Inc. is a leading provider of services to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. It supports a broad range of clinical development, communications and commercialization activities that are critically important to its customers. When investors look to invest in biotech and pharmaceutical industries they usually invest in individual companies that are attempting to make new drugs. However, this is very risky. I believe that one can make money from this industry in a much safer and effective way. Companies like Inventiv Health help Bio-tech companies build their businesses. For example: if you want to make money from the gold rush you sell picks and shovels to the miners, you don't actually mine the gold. I think Inveniv Health business plan will be very sucessful no matter which companies invent the newest drugs. By providing sales, marketing and communication services to large and small pharmaceutical companies, Inventiv makes its living helping the hundreds of companies that are trying to invent the next big cures and medicines. Inventiv health is a very good high growth investment. As more and more Bio tech companies pop up, Inventiv health is likely to help them with many important services. In the long run Inventiv health will greatly outperform the S&P 500.

-Buy Inventiv Health below $38.00


Kona Grill Inc. (KONA) price:$19.15

Kona grill currently owns 9 restaurants in seven states. They have put a fresh spin on American cuisine using orienal and hawaian flavors. Although this company is not yet profitable there stellar balance sheet provides them with huge growth potential. People seem to like the food, so Kona has no reason to stop expanding. Kona's unique menu makes it a one of a kind restaurant. Although a risky investment, Kona Grill has tremendous long term potential.

-Buy Kona grill below $19.30


Flowers Foods Inc. (FLO) price:$34.69

Flowers foods inc. is a producer and marketer of bakery goods in the United States. Flowers foods two business segments include Flowers Bakery and Flowers Specialty. They are one of the leaders in the packaged baked goods industry. Flower foods is a small cap stock with significant growth potential. They intend to grow through the aquisition of other baking companies and by establishing strong brands. In january of 2007 forbes said that Flowers Foods had the best management in the baked goods industry. This company has great cashflow and anylysts anticipate rapid growth. Strong financials, good management, and huge growth potential make this stock a definate buy.

-buy Flowers Foods Inc. below $35.00


AMERICAN DAIRY INC (ADY) price: $20.25

American dairy is the leading dairy producer in China. It's products include milk powder, soybean powder, and related dairy products. China is trying to increase the consumption of milk in its country as part of a healthier diet for its people. China is pushing the consumption of milk in over 200 million primary schools. An increasing middle class in China and multiple other factors are pushing the demand for milk faster than there is supply. American Dairy is the primary company to benefit from this increased demand for dairy. American Dairy intends to grow its business to accomodate for this increased demand, and I believe the stockholders of this company will greatly benefit from this.

Buy American Dairy Inc. below $20.25

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Sun Hydraulics Corp. (SNHY) price: $39.31

Sun Hydraulics Corp. is a leading manufacturer of high performance screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds which control force, speed and motion as components in fluid power systems. Fluid power is the technology that deals with the generation, control, and transmission of pressurized fluids. Essentially all machinery that is big, moves, and needs power uses the products that Sun Hydraulics corporation makes. Sun Hydraulics has an advantage over other manufacturers in this industry because of their innovative and better technology which makes their products smaller and easier to use in mobile machinery. Another edge that Sun Hydraulics has in this sector is the reliability of their machinery. They test everything before it is sold. Sun hydraulics has been growing at a rapid pace, but I still think it has a lot of growth potential. This company has survived the economic recessions of 2001 and 2002. Sun Hydraulics' products are used in almost all machinery and this gives it a lot of room to grow. The innovative products of Sun Hydraulics combined with the reliability of their machinery will push this stock to new heights.

Buy Sun Hydraulics Corp. below $39.50


Vimicro International Corp. (VIMC) price: $6.33

Vimicro International Corp. is involved in designing, developing and marketing proprietary semiconductor products and solutions for multimedia applications for consumer electronics and communication markets. Vimicro is a Morningstar 5 star pick. This company has 60% of the worldwide webcam chip market, and is diversifying into cellular phone multimedia chips. No one can deny that cell phones are being made with more and more multimedia features, and VIMC will inevitebly profit from this. VIMC is 85% insider owned. VIMC is a solid company and is well positioned to begin making headway into the cell phone chip segment. As a company with no debtand lots of cash, VIMC will greatly profit from China's forseeable growth. This company is down 62% year to date, and I see this as a great time to buy.

-Buy VIMC below $6.40

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Zix Corp (ZIXI) price: $1.91

Zix Corporation is a software provider, who's two main services are Email Encryption and e-prescribing. Zix's Email Encrytion services provide email protection to allow those in financial and medical services to quickly deliver secure email. Zix's E-Prescribing services help those in the medical field to quickly deliver medical prescriptions. These two innovative software programs are really starting to take off, and as they become more and more popular Zix Corp. will greatly benefit. This company has huge growth potential. Zix Corp recently released strong fourth quarter results and I see this as a sign to buy Zix Corp.

-buy zix at around 1.90



Ruth's Chris Steak House chain has great brand name recognition and even better profit margins. Companies like Mcdonalds built empires with brand name and big profit margins. The stock is at bargain price and has great management. This is a great long term investment because this company still has tons of room to grow. I am predicting this Ruth's Chris Steak House to be a huge outperformer and hit new heights very soon.

-buy (RUTH) around $18.50


Benihana Inc. (Nasdaq: BNHNA) price:31.38

Benihana Inc. is a chain of japanese restaurants. Benihana's has always been one of my favorite restaurants to get great Japanese food, and i've never been in one that wasn't crouded. This company has great growth potential, and is currently at a very fair price.

-buy Benihaha INC. at around $31.


Lundin Mining Corp (LMC) price:12.07

Lundin Mining corp. is a rapidly growing mining and exploration company based in the extraction, aquisition, development, and discovery of metal deposits. With increasing need for steel, copper, and other metals by India and China, this seems to be a very good metal industry investment. It's rapid growth is putting it on the track to becoming one of the next big mining corporations.

-buy Lundin Mining Corp at around $12.50.


General Maritime Corp. (NYSE: GMR) price: $29.70

General Maritime Corp., one of the world's largest crude oil transporters, is a great buy at 29.70. Down from a high at around $45, this company is a great value. With good leadership and huge dividend (6.5%),

-buy general Maritime Corp below $30.00

Jones Soda (Nasdaq: JSDA) price:$20.78

Jones Soda is a company with huge potential that is, in my opinion very undervalued. After surging up past the $30 dollar mark Jones Sodas has settled back down to around $20 dollars. This stock is very volatile, but I don't see it going anywhere other than up from the $20 dollar mark. Jones Soda has recently made a distribution deal, and when this tasty soda starts being sold in more stores, this company has the potential to grow many times its current size.

-buy jones soda around $21.00

Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS) price:$49.14

Electronic Arts and other video game publishing stocks have been recently dissapointed with lower sales. This has caused the share price of these companies to take a hit. The reason behind these lower sales is not a slowing market, just the unexpected sucess of Nintendo's Wii video game console. Electronic Arts had been expecting the sucess of the Sony's playstation 3 and had been making games more exclusively for it. As Electronic Arts begins to publish more games for Nintendo's Wii, its sales will rise once again and the stock price will too. Electronic Arts is currently very undervalued, and is a great buy at the current share price.

-Buy Electronic Arts at around $49.00

Nintendo (NTDOY) price: $41.85

Nintendo is one of the leading video game and console producers. The unexpected sucess of it's Wii gaming console has sent the share price up considerably. Yet I still believe that this company is undervalued. As the quarterly earning are released I believe that this companies sales will be up much more than expected. Nintendo's new generation Wii and handheld DS gaming consoles are greatly outperforming Microsoft's XBOX and Sony's PS3, this will result in great profits for nintendo in the next few quarters.

-buy nintendo below $42.00


Denison Mines Corp. (Amex: DNN) price: $13.74

As the uranium industry becomes stronger and stronger many companies are benefitting. The rising prices of uranium have resulted in a flood of small uranium explorer/ producers. Yet in reality most of these companies will never mine or sell any uranium. After researching and valuating a plethora of uranium producers I have concluded that Denison Mines is one of the best Uranium investments for the future.

Denison Mines Corp. is a relatively small uranium producer. It currently has 5 uranium projects underway in North America and expects to produce 5 million pounds of uranium by the year 2010. It is different from the vast majority of Uranium producers in that it is actually mining and selling uranium. Denison Mines stock price has recently been on the rise because of rising uranium prices. I recommend buying Denison mines at any price below $14.50, as uranium prices keep rising this companies stock price will keep rising too. Denison Mines has the potential to become a major uranium producer.

Uranium Stock Investments

I as many others believe that the market of upcoming years will reap great profits through Uranium. A high demand and low supply ratio is currently skyrocketing the price of uranium. As the price of this precious metal rises, Uranium producing companies will reap great rewards for their investors.

*Uranium = Raw material needed for Nuclear energy production.

There are 3 major reasons for investing in uranium

1) The United States government is attempting to eradicate its foreign oil attachment. There are a few alternatives to oil, including natural gas and coal; both of which are much more expensive than Nuclear Energy. In addition, coal causes air pollution and the newly appointed Democratic House and Senate are all for making our air cleaner. Therefore, there is a posibility that the United States of America and other countries could start building more Nuclear Power Plants. Although the chances of America building more nuclear power plants is quite a strech, many of the older plants are increasing their efficiency and using more uranium.

2) Second Reason = China. This booming nation’s population is skyrocketing and so are its demands for energy. China is choosing to solve this problem using Nuclear Energy. China has also made plans to build 30 power plants by 2020. More power plants mean more uranium demand, and more uranium demand means rising prices of Uranium, which means great profits for Uranium producing countries. As more and more countries follow China’s example the bull market for Uranium will surge.

3) Lastly, Uranium production is becoming much safer and cheaper than ever before. The accident at three-mile Island has halted increased production of Nuclear Power plants in the US. But this alternate energy source is becoming so cheap and safe that it will be hard for the United States to ignore this Energy source any longer. As more and more countries go to Nuclear energy, Uranium producers will enjoy a big hike in demand, leading to even more profits.

In Conlusion

The whole world is attempting to feed its increasing energy demands. And as a vast amount of countries try finding ways to become less dependent on the Middle East for oil, Nuclear energy will prove the best solution. As Nuclear Energy becomes more and more of a player in the energy sector the bull market for Uranium will flourish.A plethora of good Uranium producers are out there. It’s just all about buying the right company's stock.

LoopNet (Nasdaq: LOOP) price: $18.15

LoopNet is an online company that helps those looking to buy, sell, and rent commercial property to find eachother. Through LoopNet essentialy serves as a matchmaker to connect those looking for commercial real estate and those that are selling it. The business model of this company is very simple. Loopnet makes most of its money by charging fees to post commercial real estate listings. Loopnet's lack of expenses and thousands of listings have produced an impecable financials. Loopnet has 98 million in cash and no debt. The stock price of this company has gradually been increasing, but I believe that multiple factors are ready to push Loopnet's stock price way up

Reasons to buy:

-no debt, 98 million in cash
-simple business model, little expenses
-while residential real estate market is softening, commercial is keeping strong
-number of members is on the rise, lots of growth oppurtunity
-#1 commercial real estate listing company


-lots of competition, easy entry into market
-stock price seasonality

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