Jones Soda (JSDA) price: $7.65

I am still very bullish on Jones Soda (JSDA). This company is still below $8.00 and is extremely undervalued considering that it was above $30.00 less than a year ago. I expect Jones Soda's sales to be higher than expected after the holiday season, and that the stock price will also come back up. I was at Target the other day, and I was really excited when I saw all the great Jones Soda products that they were selling. They had Christmas themed four packs of soda with flavors like candy cane and gingerbread. I expect this stock to do very well in the next year and to come back to its former highs.

-buy Jones Soda below $8.00

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wi1996 said...

Hi tod:

This is Angel (wi1996) from Spain. I'm very glad you were back in your blogg after this time.

I Still don't know how to use your picks. I think that you are a medium term swinger: you buy your stocks and hold they without stops for several months untill they go up. Is it right?

Otherwise, you never use stop loss. Is it right?