Jones Soda (JSDA) price: $6.30

Jones soda (JSDA) is currently a very under valued stock and a great deal. In april of this year it was above $30 dollars and now it is below $7. Nothing radical has changed with this company and it is still growing with new distribution deals. It has been knocked down by a few dissapointing quarters, but I believe this stock will make great gains in the next few years. I believe Jones Soda is a great long term investment, and if it gets back up to its previous high (which I do expect will eventually happen), this stock could make you more than 400% !

-Buy Jones Soda below $7.00

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Anonymous said...

I agree about the stock price. It will do well long term IMHO. I love the soda. My favorite is Crushed Melon. That one only comes in bottles. I also really like the 24c vitamin water they have out.