DIAGEO PLC ADS NEW (DEO) price:$82.86

Diageo is a leader in the premium drinks business, selling high end spirits, wine, and beer. I really like this company because it has high growth potential, and will be able to handle any economic downturns or struggles. This is because Diageo bottles its own alcohol, and no matter what happens to the economy people will always be drinking alcohol. The drinks that Diageo sell appeal to a growing market of baby boomers. Diageo is also expanding its business to china, and currently owns about 34% of the whiskey market share in China. This company has strong cash flow which will allow it to make many aquisitions in the future, leading to a lot more growth. As long as sales of alcohol stay strong, Diageo will have many growth oppurtunities to expand its business. People always say "buy what you know" and if you like alcohol (which pretty much everyone does) and like the products that Diageo is selling, then I would say to definately buy this stock. The stock price fell a few points in last couple of days, Diageo stock is currently at a very good price.

-Buy Diageo below $83.00


Tony Chai said...

Hi Todd :

Very spot on on this trade recommendation of DEO.

On 15 June 2007, DEO has already reached $85.77, almost 3 points in just a few short days!!!

Keep up the good work, buddy.

I trade stock options myself and hope you could also drop by my stock options trading blog.

Take care,

Yours Truly,

Tony Chai
a disabled options trader

ToddJohnson said...

hey tony,

I'm glad that you like my blog.I will make sure to check out your options blog.