Ebook recommendation for beginner and intermediate investors

I have finally found a very valuable ebook to help beginner and intermediate investors invest inteligently in the stock market. What I like about this ebook is that it puts everything in lay-man's terms, so that anyone can understand it and gain valuable information. Many years ago when I began my investing carreer I tried reading stock investing books, but I found them very overwhelming and confusing. This great book can help ANYONE become an intelligent investor. So, if you are a begginer or intermediate investor, this is a very valuable recource for you. A lot of people make very STUPID (and obvious) mistakes when they begin their investing carreers, and stop investing because they lost some money. This ebook can help you learn how to identify stock picks and more importantly, learn when to buy and sell the stocks. I see this as a very common mistake that beginner investors make, buying and selling at the wrong times. So... the real reason this ebook is so valuable is because it will help you to adequately use Todd's Stock Picks, by knowing when to buy and sell my stocks.

so check it out, I would definately reccomend this ebook to anyone that is striving to increase their profits in the stock market.

Intelligent Investing Ebook

*this ebook is a little on the pricy side, but their is a 60 day money back gurantee. So if you read it and don't learn anything... return it and get all your money back.

-if you still think this book is too pricey(I don't think so, you'll probably make a lot more than $40 after becoming a more intelligent investor) then check out some Amazon books(To make good returns in the market reading up on investing is extremely important, i have read tons of books to get to where i am now)

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