LIFETIME BRANDS, INC. (LCUT) price: $21.17

Lifetime brands inc. is the marketer of a broad range of consumer products used in the home. Its five main products are Kitchenware, Tabletop, Cutlery and Cutting Boards, Bakeware and Pantryware and Spices. Kitchenware markets its products under a few brand names including Pfaltzgraff, KitchenAid, Farberware, Cuisinart, Sabatier, Calvin Klein and Hoffritz. In the third quarter the company saw top line growth of 50.3%. But the stock price has been beaten down because of a few aquisitions that are not doing very well. This company has very strong financials and dominates its industry. The stock price is down almost 22% this year, but it will come back. This solid company is very undervalued because of its acquisitions. I see the stock price recovering at least 20% within the next year. LCUT is at its low and it is the optimal time to buy this stock.

-buy Lifetime brands inc below $21.50


Jack Bravo said...

Nice site.
Just wondering if you're the professional that's doing these stock tips...maybe write a bit about your experience?

Like the site and idea though.

ToddJohnson said...

yes all these stock picks are mine