OYO Geospace Corporation is a leader in the seismic instrument and equipment business. OYO designs, manufactures and deploys seismic instrumentation, reservoir monitoring, cable/umbilical and thermal imaging solutions through four companies: Geospace Technologies, Geospace Engineering Resources International, Geospace offshore, and OYO instruments. OYO basically helps oil and gas companies find oil and gas deposits. High fuel prices are here to stay and oil and gas are becoming very hard to find. In the future, petroleum companies will find it ever harder to find the amounts of oil and gas deposits that they need. OYO helps these companies find new fuel deposits to supply their needs. This industry is growing at a rapid pace and so is OYO. OYO is a huge growth potential stock. OYO's innovative technology has made it a leader in this industry and it will see huge growth in upcomming years.

-buy OYO GEOSPACE CORPORATION at around $76.00

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