Denison Mines Corp. (Amex: DNN) price: $13.74

As the uranium industry becomes stronger and stronger many companies are benefitting. The rising prices of uranium have resulted in a flood of small uranium explorer/ producers. Yet in reality most of these companies will never mine or sell any uranium. After researching and valuating a plethora of uranium producers I have concluded that Denison Mines is one of the best Uranium investments for the future.

Denison Mines Corp. is a relatively small uranium producer. It currently has 5 uranium projects underway in North America and expects to produce 5 million pounds of uranium by the year 2010. It is different from the vast majority of Uranium producers in that it is actually mining and selling uranium. Denison Mines stock price has recently been on the rise because of rising uranium prices. I recommend buying Denison mines at any price below $14.50, as uranium prices keep rising this companies stock price will keep rising too. Denison Mines has the potential to become a major uranium producer.

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