Zix Corp (ZIXI) price: $1.91

Zix Corporation is a software provider, who's two main services are Email Encryption and e-prescribing. Zix's Email Encrytion services provide email protection to allow those in financial and medical services to quickly deliver secure email. Zix's E-Prescribing services help those in the medical field to quickly deliver medical prescriptions. These two innovative software programs are really starting to take off, and as they become more and more popular Zix Corp. will greatly benefit. This company has huge growth potential. Zix Corp recently released strong fourth quarter results and I see this as a sign to buy Zix Corp.

-buy zix at around 1.90


Anonymous said...

huge potential, strong fourth quarter, I see this company growing a lot in the future.

Arthur Barbato said...

Todd, do you risk all or have a stop loss in mind with buy of Zixi done a@ $1.90 OB?

ToddJohnson said...

well... it's really hard too say, but I think that one of Zix's services/ programs will catch on and they will be very profitable... or their programs will not gain popularity in the medical and finance fields and this stock could plumet. I see this stock going up around one or two points just hype, but in the end this stock is gonna go way up or down to $0. It's a high risk investment, but if you think Zix is providing good services I would not hesitate buying this stock.