Kona Grill Inc. (KONA) price:$19.15

Kona grill currently owns 9 restaurants in seven states. They have put a fresh spin on American cuisine using orienal and hawaian flavors. Although this company is not yet profitable there stellar balance sheet provides them with huge growth potential. People seem to like the food, so Kona has no reason to stop expanding. Kona's unique menu makes it a one of a kind restaurant. Although a risky investment, Kona Grill has tremendous long term potential.

-Buy Kona grill below $19.30


Anonymous said...

Hola Amigo:

Todo bien?. Well, KONA has very good looking the 3 last sesions the company seemed a missil. However, there are a small resistand at 20 US$. The next important resistant is about 21, 50 US$, Which is your short term recommended strategy for this stock? Hold the shares till 20 US$ and see is resistand is broken out? Sell directly at 20 %?

Gracias, que pases un buen día!

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Sorry I mean sell directly at 20 US$,



ToddJohnson said...

Hola Amigo, todo esta bien con KONA :)

after todays trading session kona stock jumped 80 cents to $19.95. So buying it now and selling it at $20 is definately not the right thing to do. I would just wait for the stock to come down to around $19 and just hold onto it for the long term. This stock is very volatile so short term trading is very possible, yet real returns will be made by holding on for the longterm.

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