Vimicro International Corp. (VIMC) price: $6.33

Vimicro International Corp. is involved in designing, developing and marketing proprietary semiconductor products and solutions for multimedia applications for consumer electronics and communication markets. Vimicro is a Morningstar 5 star pick. This company has 60% of the worldwide webcam chip market, and is diversifying into cellular phone multimedia chips. No one can deny that cell phones are being made with more and more multimedia features, and VIMC will inevitebly profit from this. VIMC is 85% insider owned. VIMC is a solid company and is well positioned to begin making headway into the cell phone chip segment. As a company with no debtand lots of cash, VIMC will greatly profit from China's forseeable growth. This company is down 62% year to date, and I see this as a great time to buy.

-Buy VIMC below $6.40


Raj said...

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Anonymous said...

You hit the nail with this prediction!


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