Jones Soda (Nasdaq: JSDA) price:$20.78

Jones Soda is a company with huge potential that is, in my opinion very undervalued. After surging up past the $30 dollar mark Jones Sodas has settled back down to around $20 dollars. This stock is very volatile, but I don't see it going anywhere other than up from the $20 dollar mark. Jones Soda has recently made a distribution deal, and when this tasty soda starts being sold in more stores, this company has the potential to grow many times its current size.

-buy jones soda around $21.00


Anonymous said...

Still a little pricy at $20, but serious long term potential

daniel said...

Jones soda is a great stock pick, but getting a little pricey. If you like Jones, then you should check out these 2 stocks which are similar in size but have not grown like Jones has yet.

Investing in Beverage Stocks

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