LoopNet (Nasdaq: LOOP) price: $18.15

LoopNet is an online company that helps those looking to buy, sell, and rent commercial property to find eachother. Through loopnet.com LoopNet essentialy serves as a matchmaker to connect those looking for commercial real estate and those that are selling it. The business model of this company is very simple. Loopnet makes most of its money by charging fees to post commercial real estate listings. Loopnet's lack of expenses and thousands of listings have produced an impecable financials. Loopnet has 98 million in cash and no debt. The stock price of this company has gradually been increasing, but I believe that multiple factors are ready to push Loopnet's stock price way up

Reasons to buy:

-no debt, 98 million in cash
-simple business model, little expenses
-while residential real estate market is softening, commercial is keeping strong
-number of members is on the rise, lots of growth oppurtunity
-#1 commercial real estate listing company


-lots of competition, easy entry into market
-stock price seasonality

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