Sun Hydraulics Corp. (SNHY) price: $39.31

Sun Hydraulics Corp. is a leading manufacturer of high performance screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds which control force, speed and motion as components in fluid power systems. Fluid power is the technology that deals with the generation, control, and transmission of pressurized fluids. Essentially all machinery that is big, moves, and needs power uses the products that Sun Hydraulics corporation makes. Sun Hydraulics has an advantage over other manufacturers in this industry because of their innovative and better technology which makes their products smaller and easier to use in mobile machinery. Another edge that Sun Hydraulics has in this sector is the reliability of their machinery. They test everything before it is sold. Sun hydraulics has been growing at a rapid pace, but I still think it has a lot of growth potential. This company has survived the economic recessions of 2001 and 2002. Sun Hydraulics' products are used in almost all machinery and this gives it a lot of room to grow. The innovative products of Sun Hydraulics combined with the reliability of their machinery will push this stock to new heights.

Buy Sun Hydraulics Corp. below $39.50

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